Welcome to the BDEG website – giving something back

Blacktown and District Environment Group (BDEG) is a group of environmentally conscious people who are working to protect the environment. We care not only about the Blacktown area, but also Greater Western Sydney and the environment generally.

We act as a watchdog to ensure that bushland in the area, in particular the locally endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland (CPW), is protected from further destruction.

Please take the time to click on the Initiatives page, read and act by clicking the link to sign the petition and support us in protecting the mob of kangaroos under threat of death from development of the land that has been Werrington campus of Western Sydney University.

Also, please take time to click on the Editorial page, read and act on the appalling impact on the Riverstone Wetlands through the proposed Marsden Park North Precinct Plan.

Below is a painting of Riverstone Wetlands by local artist Lance Jurd:

Riverstone Wetlands - Painting by Lance Jurd