Old Growth Trees – Mulgoa Rd Jamisontown

The NSW Government has done what no other generation of government representatives or previous land owners did before.

The NSW government of today has made a decision to destroy most of the old growth trees alongside Mulgoa Rd Jamisontown which previous generations of Australians kept as part of the landscape of the area. A part of the landscape that has been home for numerous species of Australian fauna.

This is a shameful time and a space occupied in our history by shameful people. They did not have it in them to do what earlier Australians had in them – leave these trees to fulfil hundreds of years of ecological function. Anyone standing underneath these trees will see the evidence of constant activity of arboreal fauna and hear theĀ constant daytime chatter of diverse native bird species – unique in Western Sydney.

But that is not good enough for the NSW Government. The chainsaws and the bulldozers will insensitively remove the trees and the hollows containing various fauna species in one fell swoop. It is nauseating that there are people walking among us who could act so insensitively as thisĀ  Remember them come election time.