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Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Presentation – 27 November 2013

Glenorie Maroota Bioregional Forum is hosting Shauna Chadlowe from the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) to deliver a visual presentation on the general principles of AWC and how they operate with case study examples of their innovative work.

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) aims to conserve all Australian animal species and their habitats.

In order to do this AWC is establishing a network of sanctuaries to protect species and ecosystems. At the present moment AWC manages 23 sanctuaries which cover over 7.4 million acres.

On ground measures are implemented in these sanctuaries to protect the wildlife and ecosystems that occur there. These measures are based on continuing scientific research with the aim of addressing key threatening processes.

AWC hosts visitor programs at it’s sanctuaries for the educational opportunities this provides and to promote an awareness of the plight of Australian Wildlife.

AWC is an independent, non profit organisation which over the last five years has spent 90% of its total expenditure on the acquisition of land and conservation programs.

Your attendance is welcome

At: Glenorie Hall, 1729 Old Northern Rd, Glenorie
On: Wednesday 27th November 2013
Presentation begins at 7.30 pm

A light supper will be served after the presentation which will provide a good opportunity for local like-minded people to network


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